Sunday, 17 November 2013

Lovin' Summer and lovin' Christmas

I love this time of year, and especially in the Southern Hemisphere because it means BEACH TIME!!! This time last year I was in Brasil playing for Pinheiros at the Brasilian National Championships...was able to squeeze in some Brasilian beach time there :) But that was the end of beach fun for me, as the morning I arrived home I went straight to hospital to get my dreaded shoulder reconstruction.  Well almost 12 months later the shoulder is coming along...slowly...but I can enjoy a beachy Christmas!!! And I'm so excited to be beaching in (and gifting for Chrissy) Aquadiva's!!!! The lovely ladies at the Gold Coast have been working hard to get some fantastic Christmas pressie's - it's not just a swimwear store - kaftans, hats, towels just to name a few :) I can't wait to get my hands on the "flutter" print. Enjoy browsing!!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

B Mag September Issue

I was informed via a friend on text that my mug shot was in the September 2013 edition of B Mag. I had absolutely no idea who/what/when/where/why but said friend informed me it was an advert for Stuarholme School.  The light bulb came on and I was reminded of the marketing campaigne I did with Stuartholme earlier in the year - see my post Rewind 10 Years - lil bit of marketing .

So for the interested the ad is on page 7 of B Mag. Thanks Al for bringing it to my attention :)

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A couple of appearances

A nice little write up on online journalist Eduardo Vieira de Souza's blog here

And a lil' appearance in Hannah Buckling's TV interview on ABC Grandstand. Check it out for a glimps

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Timor Leste - a life changing experience

Through a stationary drive back in December 2012 the Aurecon Brisbane office managed to accumulate 70 boxes of donated stationery goods and over $3000 in cash donations. With the help of Rotary, we delivered classroom furniture, stationary, computers and sports equipment to 5 schools and an orphanage in Timor. We also managed to start the building of a water supply and toilets for a school with 500 children and no running water.

Timor Leste has suffered through its colonial history, and Australia owes a debt to the people of this tiny nation who have supported us at every turn.

I will never forget about the youngest nation in the World, their relationship with Australia, and the thousands of smiles we saw through the school donation program.

An absolutely massive thanks to everyone who made this happen.  We funded ourselves to get over to Timor Leste, but were supported by Aurecon by way of time. The very generous people of Aurecon in the Brisbane office donated SEVENTY boxes worth of stationary. The lovely people at Rotary arranged the donations of classroom furniture, computers and shipping.  

A mammoth thanks to Vici for the hugely discounted netballs, footballs and beach volleyballs - they were a massive hit!  The Timorese had never seen a football and initially wanted to kick it along the ground like a soccer balls, but they soon got the hang of it. 

A massive thanks to Hart Sport who gave us discounted rates for skipping ropes, frisbees and soccer balls. 

We spent hours of fun with the kids, the problem was they wouldn't frisbee to each other, it was always back to one of us.  

We also learned A LOT of the history of Timor Leste, from the Portuguese colonisation in the 16th centuary, through to the Japanese occupation during WWII. Australia needed East Timor to stay strong to avoid Japanese invasion of Australia.  The limited number of Australian troops held the tens of thousands Japanese at bay by the help of Kriadu's - 8 to 13 year old Timorese locals who buddied up with the troops and helped feed, shelter and guide the Aussies.  When Australia left Timor Leste the Japanese punished all locals who assisted the resistance, and 200,00 were killed, or died through famine and disease.

In 1975 Portugal left East Timor and nine days later it was invaded and occupied by Indonesia. The "Balibo five" - five young Australian and British journalists risked their lives to attempt to show the world what Indonesia was doing to Timor Leste.  They set up camp in Balibo - very close to the West Timor/Indonesian border, and painted their office with an Australian flag and the world Australia.  The local resistance fighters - the Felantil warned the journalists that the Indonesian military were about to cross the border, but the journos stayed strong, and got some great images of Indonesian war ships. Three of the Balibo five were shot in the head, one was stabbed and the other brutally tortured. The Australian Government turned a blind eye to this. The Indonesian Government said they got caught in a cross fire.

One brave reporter journied to Timor Leste to find out the truth of what really happened to the Balibo five, and he bravely stayed til the end, proclaiming himself an Australian journalist until he got shot in the face on a pier in Dili.

In 1989 when Pope John Paul the 2nd visited Timor Leste was when the call to freedom was first seen by the international community.  Under indonesian military guard, only a limited number were allowed to see the Pope give mass.  They went in under a facade of pro-Indonesia with Indo flags, but when they were in the compound, and in front of the media, released their Timor Leste flags, and their desperate message was seen by the world. Of course there was violent retaliation by the Indonesians, but the Timorese were very clever, and saw this as a very good option. The Indonesians wouldn't allow the Pope to kiss the ground as he ceremoniously did at all countries he visited, so the Timorese arranged for soil from all districts far and wide to be delivered, put on a plate, and presented to the Pope to kiss the soil of Timor Leste.

On October 28 1991 an eight year-old boy called Sebastiao Gomes was leaving the church above in Dili, and was shot dead by Indonesian military.  Two weeks later there was a demonstration at the cemetery Santa Cruz in retaliation for this meaningless murder. The Indonesian military didn't appreciate such voices of freedom and massacred 250 students at the gate of the resting place of Sebastiao Gomes.

In 1999 the new Indonesian President decided the Timorese could vote for freedom, the problem was the Indonesian military paid Timorese to form pro-Indonesian militia to cause as much havoc as possible. The militia would torture people who wanted to register to vote, they intimidated and caused general unrest.  The UN was called in, but unarmed to arrange the referendum. The Timorese had signed a cease-fire, so the Felantil had to hide in the mountains.  

The Timorese had an overwhelming vote for freedom, and in retaliation the Indonesian military and militia pillaged, raped, murdered and ruined all types of infrastructure.  the church above is the Catholic church in Liquica where no bodies were found but 30-300 are estimated to have been massacred AFTER the vote for freedom!  

I encourage you all to research what you can on Timor Leste, purchase their coffee (their second largest export behind oil/gas) and keep in contact if you would like to find out how to sponsor a childs' education for less than $10/month!  Rotary are doing brilliant things over in Timor Leste, and I am looking forward to going back there and helping in any way possible.  The next round of donated goods has already started :)

Monday, 22 July 2013

McMahon Clarke magazine feature

I was approached by the lovely Michele Rosengren to be the 'In Profile' feature for the McMahon Clarke law firm magazine. The feature was established over a hot chocolate and a relaxed interview, and can be seen on page 4 here

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Rewind 10 years - a lil' bit of marketing

About 5 months ago I was asked by my old high school Stuartholme, if I could participate in their new marketing campaign.  I was very honoured to be asked! The idea was to market Stuartholme through achieving alumnae. I was thrilled that my great friend Corissa Miller was included, showcasing her veterinary, conservation and wildlife management. 

My footage can be found here and Corissa's here

Monday, 11 March 2013

Barras Celebrate 50 years

This past weekend represented 50 years since the inception of the Tugun Water Polo Club, which has since been renamed the Brisbane Barracudas.  I have been involved with the Barracudas since 2000, and this represents my first year OUT OF the National League team due to my shoulder reconstruction rehab. 

We kicked off the weekend with our biggest game of the year - against our cross-town rivals the Qld Breakers.  We knew it would be a tough game, as Breakers are currently undefeated and on top of the table.  Barras put their game faces on and lead the whole way, eventually sealing the match with a one goal lead.  As I was unable to particpiate, my energies were put elsewhere - into the half-time entertainment.  I had organised some sporting celebs from many walks of life, to particpate in a half-time penalty shoot-out.  Representing the pink team was:
- Steve Kefu (Rugby Union Red & Wallaby)
- Josh Jefferis (Olympic Gymnast)
- Meagan Nay (Olympic Swimmer)
- Tatiana Grigorvieva (Olympic Pole Vault Silver Medalist)

And on the Green team we had:
- Nikki Hudson (Olympic Hockeyroos captain and Olympic Gold Medalist)
- Andrew Grant (Olympic Volleyballer)
- Mitch Miller (Ironman)
- Damon Kelly (Olympic Weightlifter)

The sporting celebs were extrememly well received by the 400 strong crowd, and I would like to thank them all so much for helping us celecbrate in style (oh, and the green team won by one goal!)

The next day saw our 50th Anniversary Gala, we celebrated at the Royal on the Park in a ballroom with 290 guests.  Chris "Buddah" Handy MC'd the night, Fabio Pavenello (current womens National League Coach) and myself were on hand to ask the "Mad Minute" questions - getting down and dirty.  It was a great night, and nursed a few sore heads Im sure the next day. 

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Feeling like a Revive-al

I have been told for many years prior to London Olympics that I have got to slow the weights training down and focus on "switching on" the currect muscles for particular exercises.  These body weight and core exercises always took a back they're just not as exciting as killin' it in the gym...well how opinions change! 

We trained at the European Base for the Australian Insitute of Sport in Northern Italy prior to the Olympics, and this was where I first laid my eyes on...a reformer! Thanks to Liz Steet (our Olympic team Physio), who guided me through a few exercises, and really emphasised that I REALLY SHOULD get into pilates.

So the Olympic hype calmed down, I contacted my local pilates studio (after a very strong recommendation from 5-time Olympian and Olympic Gold medallist Natalie Cook).  I was quickly introduced to Revive Studio owner Julie Campbell, run through the paces, and haven't looked back. Pilates has become a part of my training regime, whether I'm in the studio or not. And it really is good for finding those exercises that I am just really BAD at!

Since joining Revive, I have been successful in securing a Revive Sponsored Athlete position. This is an excellent programs that allows the athletes financial flexibility for their treatment and training.  Revive is doing great things for athletes (and the hidden athletes) - I've convinced my mum to join and she is a new pilates convert!

So thanks so much to Julie and the Revive Team!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Olympic interview - WATER POLO v MMA

I just came accross this video again.

I was waiting to meet a friend outside the gates at the Olympic village and whilst I was waiting this guy, Ellie started talking to me.  He told me he was waiting to meet an Australian boxer, as he is a keen fighting fan, and has a youtube channel with mostly fighting media.  Ellie then asked me whilst we were both waiting if I minded doing an interview for him, so here it is... water polo v mma

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

SNAP (Fitness) in to it!

I'm very happy to announce that SNAP Fitness are on board the 'Jane to recovery' train.  The friendly staff at Brisbane CBD SNAP Fitness are sponsoring me on my route back to my playing best.  I am currently 10 weeks post-shoulder reconstructive surgery, so SNAP CBD has become my home away from home... for the stationary bikes, the RIDE classes and of course leg weights.

Check them out here

Thanks SNAP!

Monday, 11 February 2013


I was asked by Daryl Agnew - NAK Brand Manager, to present to a group of NAK salon managers and directors about my experience of TEAMWORK, and drawing parallels from the sporting field to the hair industry, and spefically, to their salon workplaces.

It was a great interactive presentation, with many examples and queries from the floor, and Daryl and NAK's very own Danielle Athman put on a fabulous breakfast for us all to enjoy.

It was a very relaxed environment, and I was really introduced to a world I know nothing about - the hair industry!  Thank you so much to Daryl and NAK for my hair care goodies!! 

Make sure you suss out Australian Made and Australian Owned NAK hair products - the best of the best!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Damien Bredberg's 2012 Review

The images from our Brisbane Barracudas calendar made the award winning photographer - Damien Bredberg's 2012 Review!!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Children's Health Foundation

A nice little feature in the Royal Children's Hospital Foundation website - The Children's Health Foundation. Check out the Working Wonders website

I have been involved with the volunteers program, and LOVE playing with the kids, anything to take their minds off their illnesses. Mind you, it doesn't take away from their competitiveness!! :)

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Brasil Baby

So I have since found out the marvellous wonders of facebook...I was contacted by a Barzilian journalist on facebook who put me in contact with a water polo club...who requested me fly over to Brazil to play in their National Championships...well thats a no brainer - yes please!

The journey started strangely - Emirates politely declined any request of an upgrade (I even took the medal with this hope in mind). I flew from Brisbane to Sao Paulo the WRONG way around the world...via Dubai, but in doing so I got to meet this guy

Marc and I made small talk at the start of the flight, one thing lead to another and we realised we had a mutual friend, from my home town of Murwillumbah...cue Adam Cambridge and his small calf muscles (sorry Adam, that came from Marc :) )

When I arrived in Brazil I was introduced to my club (Pinheiros) coach - Chiapinni, and his lovely wife Raquel, and after 38 hours of travel I got to meet my hosts Marina and Ricardo.  Marina took it upon herself to give me a culinary tour or Brazil, which suited me fine as i love food!

We went from emanadas to churrascaria, acai to guarana, fejoida to empadas, pastel to EVERYTHING quejo (cheese)...and who ever knew cashew nuts grew from fruit?? Craziness!

The best of Brasil below...havaianas, food, caiparinhas, beach and SAMBA!

But of course, the reason for the trip was water polo - and that was a lot of fun too! Especially since my team ended up the CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD...I mean Brasil (close enough)