Tuesday, 11 November 2014

WPA - Olympipc Bronze Medalist Jane Moran retires

An article featuring on the Water Polo Australia website here or below.

I would definitely like to thank my sponsors and the individuals who helped me reach my goal of Olympic representation and bringing home that Olympic hardware! In no particular order whatsoever, as you're all way too special :)

- Julie Campbell and the team at Revive Studio - for patching me up post shoulder recon to give another Olympic cycle a red hot go
- David and Stephanie Murray of Top Dog Leadership for your generous sponsorship of my National League seasons
- My employer Aurecon for their unprecedented support and extreme flexibility of accommodating my training and touring programme whilst maintaining my role, and career progression as a transport engineer
- My swimwear sponsor Aquadiva for supplying the most gorgeous and durable swimwear available (even for rough water polo players) :)
- SNAP Fitness for their generous gym membership sponsorship
- NAK hair products for ensuring the Barras Natioanl League teams have the most luscious locks in the nation
- Brisbane Barracudas water polo club for developing my skills as a young teen, and keeping me above water with brilliant coaching, programmes, facilities and club culture for almost two decades (and winning a sneaky four National League titles). Namely Fabio and Natalie Pavenello, Neil Gynther, Nicola Johnston and Kristina Smith
- Layne Beachley's Aim For The Stars Foundation for providing much needed support, assistance and fun in the lead up to the London Olympic team selection
- Adam Smith, Michael Dalgleish and Jenni O'Neill at Optima Sports Medicine for keeping my body in tact for over 6 years
- Nick Holmes of CTB Health for the many massages as a part of his support of elite athletes and the Brisbane Barracudas
- The Queensland Academy of Sport for their direction, support services, and expert coaching through Holly Frail (Nutrition), Andrew Lulham and Anthony Giorgi (Strength and Conditioning), Lawrie Fabian (ACE), Trish King (Physiology), Tracey Vivers (Psychology), Daelyn Vivers (Sports Physician), Adam Smith (Physiotherapy),  Sharon Arnold, Steven O'Keaffe and Alexandr Osadchuk (Head Coaches) throughout my 13 years as a scholarship holder
- The Australian Institute of Sport for their support when on training camps, tours, competitions and behind the scenes through Greg Cox and Michelle Minehan (Nutrition), Jan Legg and Julian Jones (Strength and Conditioning), Sharon Arnold (ACE), Sally Clark (Physiology), Kirsten Peterson (Psychology), Grace Bryant (Sports Physician), Lynne Morrison (Manager), Andrea Mosler, Liz Steet and Miranda Wallis (Physiotherapy), Ryan Moar, Alexandr Osadchuk and Dalibor Maslan (Assistant Coach) and Greg McFadden (Head Coach)
- Australian Olympic Committee for their brilliant support in the lead up, during and after the 2012 London Olympic Games
- Soldout Event Management and namely Thomas Staunton and Kim Voss for their tireless effort in making the Olympic Welcome Home parades really something to remember
- Water Polo Australia for their team and event support, and for accepting my position on the Athlete's Commission since 2012
- Water Polo Queensland for their team and event support, and for accepting my position on the Board since 2013
- Brisbane Water Polo for their event support
- Balmain Water Polo for accepting a 'retiree' on my soujourn to Sydney
- Stuartholme School for allowing the months missed at the start of my water polo career, for constructing a fantastic water polo facility and for allowing me to be a part of their marketing campaign. Special recognition to my first ever coaches Nicola Johnson, Cassie Bruin, Lance Johnson with the support of Marilyn Byron.

Finally, the individuals that did not fit into the categories above are of course my family and friends, and the special people who made the exciting journey to London to watch us win Bronze;
- my mum Kerry
- my brother Alan and his wife Rachelle
- friends Natasha and Vanessa Carrick, Corissa Miller, Lauren Steinke Siobhan Keane, Helen North and Brett Goodsell, Jenni Prince, Klarchen Cameron, Sam Adams
- family friends Peter and Rhonda Meares and Simon and Rebecca Parer

Then there's of course the people who made the effort to visit the Olympic parades, in order of parade;
- Sydney Parade - Jessica Mitchell, Amy Hetzel, Suzie Frazer and Susan Faulkner
- Melbourne Parade (a family affair) - my Grandma, Tim Durkin, Gabrielle Lincolne, Creina Lister, Louise Durkin, Kylie Box, Kieren Moran, Trish Gianopolous, Shelley Lavender, Jack Noonan and little people (cousins)
- Brisbane Parade (home town advantage) - Megan Chaffin, Karen Heidrich, Romina Vella, Krista Takkala, Suneiah Cullen, Hannah Robinson, Cassie Grayson, Jane McTaggart
- Adelaide Parade - John Mason and Ralph Balperio
- Perth Parade - Lauren Steinke, Jamie Mullins and Darren Steer
AND of course the Australian Olympic Committee and their flawless event management team of Thomas Staunton and Kim Voss at Soldout Events.

All in all it was a fantastic pinnacle to a long sporting career, a career which I would love to continue but my body has other ideas.  I look forward to spending some time away from the water, although I will be involved in National League, water polo Board's and Commissions going forward.

Thanks so much for all of you support, kind words, tough words, anger at me missing weddings (I'm sorry) but now I can attend to my heart's content :)

Water Polo Australia article

Australian water polo representative and London Olympic Bronze medallist Jane Moran has retired from international competition following 168 tests for the Aussie Stingers and 10 years at the top of the sport.

The decision comes following a lengthy stint on the sidelines due to a shoulder reconstruction, with her rehabilitation disrupted with a serious case of Staphylococcus that kept her out of the water for a further three months.

Originally hailing from Murwillumbah in northern New South Wales, Moran later moved to the Brisbane suburb of Ashgrove, where her water polo career began to flourish in high school.
In her time with the Stingers, Moran enjoyed significant success, winning silver medals at the FINA World Cup in 2010, FINA World League in 2010 and 2012, as well as a suite of bronze medals from the 2009 and 2011 World League and the 2012 London Games.

Aussie Stingers coach Greg McFadden said it was a big loss to the team to see Moran call time on her career.

“Jane has been part of the Stingers since I became coach in 2005 and it is very sad to see her depart,” McFadden said.

“During her time on the team there have been equally tough and great moments. While Jane was not the most gifted player physically or technically, she proved to everyone how tough she was.
“She was a player you wanted on the team and who could rise to the challenges thrown at her.”
During her career Moran was also the recipient of a scholarship with the ‘Layne Beachley Aim For The Stars Foundation’, to assist her pursuit for a place on the 2012 London Olympics team, after missing out on Beijing in 2008.

“Leading into 2008 Jane tragically lost her father to cancer and unfortunately also missed selection for the 2008 team,” McFadden said.

“However, Jane possesses great determination and vowed to be on the team in London, and I was proud to see her make the team and then play a significant role in winning the Olympic bronze.”
McFadden further praised Moran for her role in developing the Aussie Stingers into the successful team that it is today.

“Jane always displayed the true Stingers attitude of never giving in, and has always pushed her teammates to the limit with her competitive drive,” he said.

“This side of her helped to create the Stingers culture, and it pains me to see not only a wonderful player but a very special person departing the Stingers.

“All the staff and especially myself, wish Jane all the best in her future endeavours and I am sure she will be as successful as she was in water polo.

“My thanks goes to Jane for her wonderful career with the Stingers and helping the team to become one of the best in the world.”

While Moran will no longer be a member of the Stingers, she will continue to play elite level water polo in Australia, with a move to Sydney to join the UTS Balmain Tigers for the 2015 National Water Polo League Season.