Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Triple J appearance

So driving home yesterday I heard on the radio Triple J's The Doctor interviewing Russell Brand.  I wondered if they would appreciate my 'Russel Brand kissing' photo...

So I stopped wondering and Tweeted it to Triple J.  I had an immediate response from the radio show's producer, asking if I could get interviewed on the show today... go to the 31st minute of the podcast from Wednesday 26 September

We're talking a possible reenactment when Russell returns to Australia...trying to tee up a Triple J studio repeat!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Olympic aftermath

Well the 'Welcome Home' parades certainly kept me busy, and kept me in the glorious Olympic bubble, but since they have stopped, and I returned home to reflect on what has just happened, only a month ago, it all seems a bit strange.  It is suggested that the Australian Olympic Team attend an Olympic debrief session with our chosen sport's psychologist.. I have now done this, and the 'Post Olympic Games Depression' was mentioned.  They suggest that it's hard to get back into the "real world" after our every movement for the last four years has been about the London Olympic Games! 

When I returned back to work, two weeks ago now, I was welcomed warmly with some photos that colleagues put around the office. 

I have also had some lovely Olympic reminders from friends who went to a fair bit of effort during our Olympic campaign.  I let them borrow my 'non-Olympic' to do with what they wanted, and below is how they chose.

Finally, and most deliciously, I have received some very special parcels that friends saved during the Games.  I can neither confirm nor deny if said parcels are still in tact, but they are/were oh so pretty!

A Cadbury sponorship up for grabs perhaps?  Nooooo, that is definitely NOT a good idea :)

I am awaiting permissions to have photos of the school's I've been visiting on my blog, so hopefully the next one isn't too far away.

Until then

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Back in the office... The Aurecon Q&A

Just a little update of something Aurecon put on for me during the Brisbane Parade (I have just returned back to work, so have only now gained access to these photos).

Soon after the Brisbane parade and the civic reception at Parliament House, I headed back to the Aurecon office where Chris Lawson (Manager Brisbane Delivery Centre), Harry Asche (Unit Manager Transport) and Ken Gillard (Technical Director Transport) organised a Q&A compared by Brigitte Fernandes (Senior Communications Advisor).  It was overwhelming to see the amount of colleagues interested to hear my Olympic story, and of course to check out the medal! These artistic beauties were taken by graphicician extraordinaire, Romina Vella.

The piece of bronze that everyone wanted to see, and Brigitte asking the hard questions

Team Transport represent with Ken Gillard & Peter Josey, and Bill Guy unhappily the 4th Aurecon person to see the medal (beaten by Ralph, Jamie & Jane)

The family affair, top with Bill and Liz Guy’s children, and bottom with John Mason’s family

The Aureconites that were cheering loudly at the water polo arena in Olympic Park Ray Logan and Alexis Trevethan and right, friends Karen Heidrich and Debbie McMillan, Debbie and I used do swimming training together, back when I was going to be an Olympic swimmer…J

The post-Olympic festivities have been amazing, and now the school engagements are piling up…even a trip to Bowen.  I’ve loved being an Olympian, loved even more being an Olympic medallist, and have been touched by the amount of support I have received by Aurecon and my colleagues. I think a special mention must go to Pejvak Pajooheshfar who sent me a heromessage almost daily. 
Now it’s back to the real world, back in the office, but I am really looking forward to the next chapter in my life.  I’m quite happy staying out of a pool for a while, but I bet it wont take long before I’m back in there.
Until next time (perhaps)