Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Barras calendar photo shoot

We decided as the almost four-time (three-time sounds better anyway) National League champions, we decided that we would get together a calendar to incorporate our team sponsors and to thank them for their crazy amounts of support.

The calendar idea was born through Daryl Agnew, Brand Manager of NAK 'only a hair dresser knows'. Barras have been proudly using NAK hair care products since they became a brand sponsor for the 2012 season. We certainly have the most lucious hair in the league.

I carried Daryl's idea and looked for the area's that needed filling - and the massive void of photography was proudly, professionally and wonderfully filled by Damien Bredberg Photography | Production. After many an after work discussion, Damien and his producer Nicole Letherby gave there time and efforts to shoot our first calendar. 

The first half of the shoot happened on Sunday 5 November at the Queensland Academy of Sport Pool - many thanks to the QAS and namely Melissa Lord and Riley who gave up their Sunday to supervise. This shoot involved all members of the 2013 Barracudas National League squad in "action" shots, which Damien surpassed all expectations! Daryl (NAK) and Georgia (NAK and One Hair Salon) were on hand to fix and flyaways from under our polo caps.  Daryl also supplied the team and the photographers with our personalised NAK hair care kit...no more chlorine damaged hair!

The second half of the shoot happened on Monday 6 November at the Somerville House Gym.  Many thanks to Somerville House, and Aaron Clarke - Manager of the Marray Evans Sports and Aquatic Centre for the use of their space, and the gym matts and trampoline!!  Yes thats right, Damien was adament that this shoot would involve a trampoline! 

This was the cover shoot and incorporated the four Barras olympians - Mel Rippon, Kate Gynther, Ash Southern and myself. 

It wasn't only a trampoline however, this was the real deal - beautiful gowns from Alexis Dawn (thanks for the outfits - we will definitely be back to your James Street store!), stunning makeup from Issada, and the lovely makeup artists - Catherine and Jade, and of course hair by NAK with Georgia taking the reigns. 

The shoot took some time...pro polo players in hair, makeup and gowns, jumping from a trampoline backwards on to matts and posing mid-flight...sound easy?  Hours of not easy, but oh so much fun!  Damien would'nt take anything but the best, and he kept reminding us that Ash was the natural...well done Southo!

We cant wait for the shots to come through, and send them to print with Bayside Print Solutions.  Not thought of a Christmas gift yet?  Well, you just did :)

Aquadiva at the Olympic Village

Well it's been a while, but I finally received some shots of one of my sponsors - Aquadiva - from our last day in the Olympic Village. 

It was a hard task to get the five Aquadiva Godesses together for this shot, especially as we had seperate scheduled departures to get from the Olympic Village to our chartered QANTAS flight:

Melissa Gorman (open water swimming)
Annabelle Smith (Diving)
Emma Jackson (Triathlon)
Meagan Nay (Swimming)
and myself (Water polo baby!!)

I could only round up Megs in time, and here is the result

There were a few keen photographers hanging around the rings that took the opportunity to join in the swimwear happy snap.