Thursday, 10 January 2013

Brasil Baby

So I have since found out the marvellous wonders of facebook...I was contacted by a Barzilian journalist on facebook who put me in contact with a water polo club...who requested me fly over to Brazil to play in their National Championships...well thats a no brainer - yes please!

The journey started strangely - Emirates politely declined any request of an upgrade (I even took the medal with this hope in mind). I flew from Brisbane to Sao Paulo the WRONG way around the world...via Dubai, but in doing so I got to meet this guy

Marc and I made small talk at the start of the flight, one thing lead to another and we realised we had a mutual friend, from my home town of Murwillumbah...cue Adam Cambridge and his small calf muscles (sorry Adam, that came from Marc :) )

When I arrived in Brazil I was introduced to my club (Pinheiros) coach - Chiapinni, and his lovely wife Raquel, and after 38 hours of travel I got to meet my hosts Marina and Ricardo.  Marina took it upon herself to give me a culinary tour or Brazil, which suited me fine as i love food!

We went from emanadas to churrascaria, acai to guarana, fejoida to empadas, pastel to EVERYTHING quejo (cheese)...and who ever knew cashew nuts grew from fruit?? Craziness!

The best of Brasil below...havaianas, food, caiparinhas, beach and SAMBA!

But of course, the reason for the trip was water polo - and that was a lot of fun too! Especially since my team ended up the CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD...I mean Brasil (close enough)

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