Sunday, 17 February 2013

Feeling like a Revive-al

I have been told for many years prior to London Olympics that I have got to slow the weights training down and focus on "switching on" the currect muscles for particular exercises.  These body weight and core exercises always took a back they're just not as exciting as killin' it in the gym...well how opinions change! 

We trained at the European Base for the Australian Insitute of Sport in Northern Italy prior to the Olympics, and this was where I first laid my eyes on...a reformer! Thanks to Liz Steet (our Olympic team Physio), who guided me through a few exercises, and really emphasised that I REALLY SHOULD get into pilates.

So the Olympic hype calmed down, I contacted my local pilates studio (after a very strong recommendation from 5-time Olympian and Olympic Gold medallist Natalie Cook).  I was quickly introduced to Revive Studio owner Julie Campbell, run through the paces, and haven't looked back. Pilates has become a part of my training regime, whether I'm in the studio or not. And it really is good for finding those exercises that I am just really BAD at!

Since joining Revive, I have been successful in securing a Revive Sponsored Athlete position. This is an excellent programs that allows the athletes financial flexibility for their treatment and training.  Revive is doing great things for athletes (and the hidden athletes) - I've convinced my mum to join and she is a new pilates convert!

So thanks so much to Julie and the Revive Team!

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