Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Stingers Chillin' in Canberra

The Aussie Stingers have spent an interesting couple of weeks in Canberra.  Canberra certainly put the weather on for us – this morning was our first frost and minus six degrees.  Photo below to prove it!

We have been in the media again (twice in one week is a lot more than we’re used to), but this time it was a bit less exciting – for us anyway.  One of my teammates contracted whooping cough from our recent trip to China.  When this was known we were all advised to get blood tests.  These tests showed two more positive results – another teammate and a coach.  This was plastered all over the news last night, but mainly because the Olympic swim team had to cancel their swim meet in Canberra as a precaution.  Oh well, any media is good media, so they say…

We head home for our last few days with family and friends at the end of the week, and then we’re off on our Olympic Tour via Montenegro and Italy – it will definitely be a nice change in weather, and perhaps even a chance to get a tan before the Olympic Games! 

In other news, one of my brilliant supporters – Aquadiva Swimwear, has released some of their new swimwear through a photo shoot I did with them not so long ago… perhaps not a modelling career awaiting, but still some pretty cool shots came out of it. 

To check out these and a lot more awesome swimwear go to

From freezing Canberra, til next time

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  1. Looking good Jane! Congrats on going to London that's some serious shizzle right thar, I'l be barricking for you!!