Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Aussies have arrived in London

We have well and truly left the beaches of Montenegro and the lakes of Italy behind, and have landed in sunny (yes, it was actually 32 degrees on our first day here) London.  We arrived late, received our accreditation, and hit up the food hall at midnight.  We checked in to our homes for the next 3 weeks, and hit the hay under our special edition London Olympic doona covers.  Our first day had an early start to head to the uniform distribution centre for a full fitting of the Sportscraft formal attire, the unbelievably cool Dunlop Volleys, the complete Adidas deck out, and the Speedo suits and robes.  All of the uniform filled two bags, and most of our rooms, shown below

Some famous people were floating around.  I scored some happy snaps with Venus and Serena Williams, Lauren Jackson, Lawrie Lawrence and our Athlete Liaison Officers Layne Beachley and Steve Waugh.  I spotted Kieren Perkins and John Eales but am yet to strike a pose with them. Some very non-sporting people by the names of Hamish and Andy also made an appearance and welcomed the Aussie athletes (after Andy was escorted out of the village and escaped back into it).

We have the Australian Team Ceremony and then the Opening Ceremony, so a very hectic couple of days.  We have also managed to get some hard training in at the Olympic venue – quite a surreal experience knowing that the empty seats will be filled to capacity in a weeks time.

A feature in recent weeks was on the Australian Olympic Committee website.  When we got fitted for our Olympic uniform and completed all the required documentation for the AOC we got to do a filmed interview.  Now if you’re concerned with Kermit the Frog’s mention, just ask anyone born in the 80’s, or parents of people born in the 80’s for that matter, and I’m sure it can be explained.  The interview is at this link AOC feature

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